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Parent Comments
Colleague and Student Comments

“My daughter loves her tutoring sessions with Laurie. She told me she wished Laurie had a school for dyslexics, so Laurie could be her full-time teacher! Before our daughter began her tutoring sessions with Laurie, we thought we were going to have to pull her out of school to homeschool; however, now that she is working with Laurie not only have her grades improved, but so has her confidence in herself.”

— Carrie Vincent from Eagle Point, Oregon


“Although only in first grade, our daughter had already lost confidence in her ability to read, and was developing low self esteem about it. Laurie not only taught her to read, but she helped her regain her confidence as a student.” 

— Karen Bolda and Bill Meyers from Ashland, Oregon

“Laurie Cuddy was director of an Orton-Gillingham program that saved my children from lives of confusion and failure . . . She is the most skilled, intuitive, and gifted teacher, tutor, and administrator I know . . .The change she will make in the lives of your family is more than you can imagine and the best investment you will every make.”

— Toni Ceaser from Long Island City, New York

“Laurie is a gifted, knowledgeable and caring teacher who places the interests of her students first . . . My son is now an independent and successful learner because he had the good forture to know and learn from the best, Laurie Cuddy.”Nancy JamesColumbus, Ohio “My daughter Rivka’s self-confidence in her abilities was sorely lacking. Under Ms. Cuddy’s tutelage, Rivka blossomed both scholastically and emotionally . . . any student would be fortunate to have her as a teacher.”

— Esther M. MayEfrat from Israel


“Laurie Cuddy is a remarkable and excellent teacher. She has extraordinary patience and experience to work with dyslexic learning challenges. Our son has excelled in his reading and mathematical learning challenges from Laurie’s persistent teaching abilities. We would highly recommend her for anyone at any level.”

— Cindy and Steve Cates from Central Point, Oregon


 “My son started at middle school about a grade behind in reading and now he is above average. Laurie has helped a lot with that as well as helping him with other homework which has been a lifesaver. She has a wonderful way of being calm and dealing with the challenges he presents her with every time!”

— Jani Rollins from Ashland, Oregon

“In one short week I learned more about dyslexia than I have learned throughout all my college and post college reading classes. Not only did I get the definition of what dyslexia IS and ISN’T, I took home a wealth of practical information and activities that I use daily in my Title I reading classes. This is a course that should be required of ALL teachers, to gain insight into the struggles of those who have such a hard time learning to read and write.”

— Toni Collins from North Lake School, Silver Lake, Oregon


“Laurie Cuddy is my first choice of teacher trainers. Her presentations to educators increase their skills exponentially.”

Katherine Schantz, Head

    from Delaware Valley Friends School, Paoli, Pennsylvania


“I struggled in school and then I became better because I got a tutor. My first few years of school were pretty terrible. I did not learn to read as fast as other kids, and eventually I got put in the resource room. That is when I really started to feel dumb. I hated resource room. That changed at the end of my third grade year when I met Laurie….One day my mom said, “we are going to meet a tutor.”…We sat down and then she tested me to see where my reading skills were and exactly how she could help me. The next day we started tutoring. Laurie taught all about reading and writing. After a year of hard work I tested out of the resource room, and my life would never be the same. If it wasn’t for Laurie, I would probably have all F’s. Instead I am in all honors classes, and I enjoy reading. She changed my life forever.” 

— Kodie from Jacksonville, Oregon


“Laurie, I was one of your students in 1987 at the Kildonan School and just wanted to thank you for helping me gain confidence in myself and my abilities as a reader. Its amazing to me that something like reading, which was such a mundane and difficult chore, has become a wonderful outlet of joy and exploration in my life, much like a coat from the cold. I attended SUNY Farmingdale on Long Island and became captain of the Varsity Lacrosse team as a sophomore. I then transferred to Berklee College of Music in Boston were I attended for two years and completed their corp. curriculum. Now I am in the Marine industry working on and building classic wooden boats. I will include a photo of a boat I built with my father. I have been happily married for 2 years and we are working on expanding our family. There was nothing easy about attending Kildonan; missing friends, family, home and the intense academic regimen. I am very grateful for the hours we worked together and though at the time I may have been difficult and uninterested I am extremely thankful to you and my years at the Kildonan School.Wishing you the best.” 

— CD (received May 2009)

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