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About Dyslexia

Dyslexia* is one of several distinct learning disabilities.The word dyslexia is derived from the Greek dys, difficulty, and lex, having to do with words. Based on information from neuro-scientific and linguistic research, the definition can be summarized as difficulty in the use and processing of arbitrary linguistic/symbolic codes. Persons with dyslexia are those who, despite traditional classroom teaching, have failed to master the basic elements of the language system of their culture. Since language is the necessary tool upon which subsequent academic learning is based, such persons often encounter difficulty in all educational endeavors.


*As defined by the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators.

The Orton-Gillingham Approach

Characteristics of Orton-Gillingham:

  • Language Based

  • Multisensory

  • Structured

  • Sequential

  • Cumulative

  • Cognitive

  • Flexible


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Parents often ask me how to get their child tested for Dyslexia.


This is what I tell them:


Where to go for testing depends a bit on the purpose of the diagnosis. Even if you are homeschooling, you can request testing from the public schools . . . .


     "Laurie Cuddy is a remarkable and excellent teacher. She has extraordinary patience and experience to work with dyslexic learning challenges. Our son has excelled in his reading and mathematical learning challenges from Laurie’s persistent teaching abilities. We would highly recommend her for anyone at any level.”

— Cindy and Steve Cates from Central Point, Oregon

“My daughter loves her tutoring sessions with Laurie. She told me she wished Laurie had a school for dyslexics, so Laurie could be her full-time teacher! Before our daughter began her tutoring sessions with Laurie, we thought we were going to have to pull her out of school to homeschool; however, now that she is working with Laurie not only have her grades improved, but so has her confidence in herself.”

 “My son started at middle school about a grade behind in reading and now he is above average. Laurie has helped a lot with that as well as helping him with other homework which has been a lifesaver. She has a wonderful way of being calm and dealing with the challenges he presents her with every time!”

— Carrie Vincent from Eagle Point, Oregon

— Jani Rollins from Ashland, Oregon


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